Who say's animals don't have feelings?  

I experienced first hand, the heart wrenching devotion of one of nature's majestic creatures to its habitat.

On Sunday August 2, 2015, while on a sightseeing expedition with my wife through Ontario's beautiful Kawartha Lakes region,  we took particular interest in the many local Osprey nests which are commonly erected on top of Hydro poles.    As we neared closer to one particular nest, we were  horrified to realize that the nest was on fire and that the lone Osprey refused to leave.

I assumed the nest had chicks or eggs in it, giving reason for why the bird maintained a stoic vigil.  

It's anyone's guess what caused the fire, as the nest was sitting directly above electrical transformers some 30 feet in the air.  There had been incredible thunderstorms in the hours preceding, but despite the damp conditions, the fire was unstoppable.  We could only stand and watch this tragedy unfold.   Kawartha Lakes Fire Department arrived shortly upon our call to 911.   The bird was covered in smoke and soot but refused to abandon her nest and maintained a vocal, incredible display of loyalty.

There was never a sign of other birds in the nest from our vantage point and if eggs were in the nest, there was no hope of rescue.   Firefighters attempted to deter the bird from her nest with their hoses, in the interest of sparing her life.   Drenched from the water of the fire hose, the bird finally flew off, just seconds before the entire fiery platform that was once her home, crashed to the ground.

It was heart breaking, yet fascinating and humbling to witness this loyalty and devotion of an animal.   She could have readily and instinctively flown to safety and let nature take it's course.  Yet it was obvious that the bird was willing to sacrifice her own life for the loyalty to her home and possibly her young.

I have always had a love and respect for nature.  This experience enhanced my belief that animals have feelings just as much as humans do, and in some cases, far greater.