I was born in Toronto and moved to Nova Scotia when I was 5yrs old, taking my first photographs at the age of 8 with my first Polaroid camera.
Between the ages of 12 to 18 I was priviledged to use Fujica and Nikon 35mm cameras. With interchangeable lenses, I discovered my keen eye for nature and the surrounding world. 

I have skilled training in Wedding, portraiture, nature, motion and lighting, via Seneca College.  I shot my first wedding at 21.  

I moved to the digital realm of photography in 2005 with a D70S.  I upgraded to D90 a few years later and now use a D7000 and D7100 Nikon.   They have all served me well. 

Most cameras have the capability to shoot a good photograph.  Creativity and an eye for the result are what make a photograph wonderful. 

My goal is to take a great picture without the aid of software beyond that which is in the camera.  While I typically prefer to keep my work genuine and unique by not altering my work, speical circumstances may call for digital enhanceent of a shot to meet a specific goal.


Please enjoy the diversity of my gallery.  I hope it brings you as much joy to view, as it brought me in creating.

Terry Marshall